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Check for updates and allow them if available

Often when shutting down, I want to allow updates if they are waiting. This means I have to hunt for the Update check (which Windows 10 users don't need, so it is becoming harder to find). Then I have to disable the Stop Update.
It would be great to have a "check if updates are waiting" button within StopUpdates.
This would also demonstrate that you aren't against updates - it is just that you want to give us back some control over updates.

David Instone-Brewer , 15.06.2019, 14:19
Idea status: in process


noah, 28.10.2019, 12:46
Checking for updates and allowing them if available option is a good idea.
chindris_mihai, 12.11.2020, 14:36
yes, this is definitely a nice-to-have feature

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