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StopUpdates for Android

Updates sneaked in without permission and without even telling anyone what the updates will do. Rearranging the way the phone is operated. Taking away valuable features. Adding new programs such as that Orwellian malware, OneCloud.
Jerry, 02.08.2019, 23:59
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Option to add personalized services and process

In configuration menu, add new process and services to monitorize
Patxulo, 04.06.2019, 10:33
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Check for updates and allow them if available

Often when shutting down, I want to allow updates if they are waiting. This means I have to hunt for the Update check (which Windows 10 users don't need, so it is becoming harder to find). Then I have to disable the Stop Update. It would be...
David Instone-Brewer, 15.06.2019, 14:19
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request password

Deploy to request password when you try to change the program. In the technicians we could block the updates while the equipment is in guarantee of installation of the operating system.
Junior, 13.07.2019, 12:52
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background intelligent transfer service Block

background intelligent transfer service Block Option
Ðîlãñkä Ñüwåñ Bâñdärá, 28.09.2019, 16:55
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it would be nice if the Stopupdate icon would chan

Hi, it would be nice if the Stopupdate icon would change color when updates are disabled. Indeed stopupdate changes status sometimes when starting a color for example red of the icon would indicate at a glance the state of choice. Regards Michel
Michel Tanguy, 14.11.2019, 13:22
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Allow Driverupdates

Not sure, but I'm guessing (automatic) driver updates are blocked too if Windows Update is blocked or Resume Updates is active?. On a new Windows installation you'll not want Windows update to kick in but having drivers installed for your unknown...
DragonFly, 15.09.2019, 10:41
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Be able to block by device: Graphics, Sound, etc.

Most of the updates are fine but when Win10 updates my z170-a onboard video HD-530 chipset, my PC SHUTS OFF RANDOMLY as if Satan pulled the power chord out of the wall. Thank you Dmitry for your incredible contribution to millions of people...
David Bowie, 30.10.2019, 12:49
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separate windows defender updates from windows updates

i like to keep my antivirus fully up to date but want to keep windows updates held back. it would be nice to be able to separate the two.
Daniel Kormicki, 04.03.2019, 16:55
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windows update is partially blocked

Greetings, thank you for providing this very useful tool. I come to ask if there will be any solution for this problem in version 1809 of windows 10. I get the message "windows update is partially blocked" and this is the log that throws:...
FRANCIS, 04.04.2019, 00:15
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Support of command line

We use StopUpdates10 to prevent updates and resulting reboots on workstations that are used to run automatic software tests. However, updates should be installed regularly and this currently means that StopUpdates10 must be manually stopped on...
Christoph, 18.06.2019, 13:00
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how to only block windows 10 upgrade (not work now

Hello how to only block windows 10 upgrade to prevent windows to install 1903... but not block normal security update Because i try with the latest version 2.5.61, and that block all update feature not only one feature... Thank you !
Christophe D, 22.07.2019, 12:33
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